Beef Tallow


Cook and eat cleaner, healthier, and more sustainably with our all-natural, un-hydrogenated, house-rendered delicious beef tallow.


What is Beef Tallow? 

Beef Tallow is rendered beef fat, which is created by using heat to separate the pure fat from any solids. The end result is a pure, natural fat source that is great for cooking, such as searing steaks or chicken or sauteing vegetables. Tallow has a light, delicious roasted-beef flavor and can be used in place of butter on bread or potatoes.


Made from fat obtained during our butchery process, rendering beef tallow is not only our way to cook with healthy fats, but to also make use of what would typically be discarded and contributes to our mission of operating a low food-waste facility.


How is it Healthy? 

Many of us may see fat as a protective barrier on our body that we wish we had less of. However, the body actually relies on fat for a wide variety of critical functions, such as brain function, transportation and absorption of vitamins, structural support for our cells, hormonal health and a slow-burning energy source. We need fat to survive! 

When it comes to tallow, there’s some specific properties that make it a worthy addition to your diet! 

  • Rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, D, E, K, and B1
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Burns fat – release glucagon, the hormone that signals your body to burn stored fat for energy
  • Smooths skin – nourishes skin cell membranes (also can be used as natural moisturizer)
  • Pure fat – no seed oils or hydrogenation 

Use within 6 months. Refrigerate after opening. 



Ingredients: Rendered Beef Fat.


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