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NSCA - CPT, IIN Certified Health & Nutrition Coach

Lauren is a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as well as NSCA certified Personal Trainer and community-building specialist here at MQT Nutrition. Prior to returning to Marquette in 2018, Lauren attended Northwestern College in Orange City IA where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, ran Track and Field, and coached at the Collegiate level.


As a type 1 diabetic, athlete, foodie, and life-long adventurer, Lauren is passionate about empowering others push the envelope and partner with their body to experience vibrant health not matter what they face. Her mission is to lift people up and equip them for their OWN adventures through good clean eating, exercise, community and spirituality.


When not at MQT Nutrition, Lauren can be found at Superior Fitness, on the trails, trying her hand at yoga, in the kitchen, taking a cold plunge, or chasing down a good sunrise at McCarty’s Cove.


Lauren specializes in:
  • Nutrition Coaching for Type 1 and 2 Diabetes
  • Nutrition Coaching for Women’s Health, Weight Loss, and Hormone Support
  • HOLISTIC Nutrition Coaching for the WHOLE person.


What to Expect from Your Coaching with Lauren: Food isn’t the only type of fuel you consume, and the dietary choices you make are often not as simple as they seem at face value. In light of this, Lauren’s coaching takes a food-first approach, but dives much deeper.


During you coaching session, expect to explore gaps within your health, as well as habits and patterns that may be deep-seated in stress, discomfort, dissatisfaction and more. Together, you will set action steps for uprooting the old, bringing new trends to life, and developing an exciting, revamped vision for your health and wellness!
Jordan Bio


NASM - CPT, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

Jordan is a Personal Trainer, and up-and-coming Nutrition Coach here at MQT. In the spring of 2024, Jordan will earn a bachelor's degree in Sports Science from Northern Michigan University. Currently, Jordan is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, which she earned through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).


Jordan’s primary area of focus in the gym is Strength Development and Women's Physique training. This niche crosses over into her Nutrition Coaching, where Jordan specializes in designing dietary strategies and meal plans to help her clients meet their goals. Jordan’s ULTIMATE goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of the individuals she works with, and to assist them in becoming the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. This encompasses not only physical appearance but also aspects such as performance, mindset, motivation, nutrition, and lifestyle.


When she is not at MQT Nutrition or the gym, Jordan loves spending time outdoors, and engaging in activities like rollerblading, biking, long-boarding, hiking, and running. In addition, Jordan likes to fuel her passion for nutrition by exploring various foods and experimenting with new recipes.


Jordan Specializes In:

  • Nutrition Coaching for Women's Physique Development
  • Nutrition Coaching for Muscle Gain
  • Meal Plans and Macros
  • Coaching around Healthy Relationships with Food

What to Expect from Your Coaching with Jordan: Nutrition and diet can oftentimes be overwhelming - Jordan’s goal is to make it as simple as possible. Regardless of your current knowledge base or skill level, Jordan is dedicated to taking your fitness goals and working with you one-on-one to reach them. This will include overcoming boundaries you currently struggle with, educating you on nutritional practices and guidelines, and personalizing your diet to align with your desires!



Jenna Neaves is the owner of MQT Nutrition, mother of four, life-long athlete, and current powerhouse in the field of health and fitness. Professionally, Jenna has a Masters degree in Exercise Science, is an NSCA strength conditioning specialist, certified holistic health coach, former trainer of the US Olympic Women’s wrestling team, 3x State Champion figure skater, and a fitness and bikini competitor.


Throughout Jenna’s career she has had great success helping people of all walks of life reach their physical performance & physique goals. However as life has changed her focus has evolved and she has found herself retooling the application of her knowledge and embracing holistic health principals in an effort to help the ones closest to her heart.


MQT Nutrition was thus established to bridge the gaps between the various dimensions of wellness by providing nutrition/holistic health coaching services,  meal prep & catering services, personal training, supplements, and a fresh cold pressed juice and smoothie bar. The result is a versatile business that has become a resource for athletes, busy parents, those battling medical conditions, and everything in between. 


Jenna Specializes In: 

  • Helping Moms and families develop habits and routines to accomplish their health goals. 
  • Training, Nutrition Plans, and Posing for Physique Athletes 
  • Developing training programs, nutrition plans, and motivation for developing athletes of all walks of life!