3 Day Detox


Created for those looking for an advanced cleanse option, and/or for those feeling the effects of toxin overload within the body. MQT Nutrition’s 3 Day Detox was designed with strategic healing tactics in mind. With a 3 day fast from solid foods, a daily dose of detoxifying celery juice, an overload of greens and toxin-pulling superfoods, greens-based, cold-pressed juices, herbal anti-inflammatory tea, and fibrous smoothies, this Detox Pack has the power to push your body forward in the healing process.

Included in the Detox are 12 juices total – 4 per day for 3 days, 2 Ultimate Detox Smoothies for each day, 3 anti-inflammatory Turmeric Tea packets, and a protocol to navigate you through your Detox. Benefits include improved energy and digestion, decreased inflammation, decreased brain fog and bloating, improved liver function, reduced cravings and great self-awareness. Plus, the liquid diet is a large calorie deficit and a great weight-loss jumpstart. If you have completed our 3 Day Cleanse and are ready for an advanced cleansing option, the 3 Day Detox is for you. Cost $135, all materials included.

**Please note that juices will be frozen at pickup! This is for your convenience as we do not pasteurize our juices in any way. Simply thaw overnight in your fridge and enjoy the next day.




Upon purchasing the 3 Day Detox you will receive the following 12 FROZEN juices, 6 Small (Ready to Blend at Home) Ultimate Detox Smoothies, 3 Turmeric Tea Mix Packets, and the 3 Day Detox Protocol.

FROZEN Juices:

Celery Juice – 3

Fresh Start – 1

Kale-Tonic – 1

Green Detox – 1

Ginger Ale – 1

Mood Booster – 1

Black Magic – 1

Citrus Cleanser – 1

Green Goddess – 1

Kaaale Yeah! – 1


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